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Our journey towards rapid growth and sustained profitability is rooted in our unwavering commitment to adaptability and innovation

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Quality Policy

In alignment with our strategic trajectory and in line with the core vision of C. Light Multiple Services Ltd, which is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of Engineering, Fabrication, Operations and Maintenance for Oil and Gas Facilities, Marine and Offshore Services, Emergency Response Services, Training, and Specialized Recruitment Services, our unwavering commitment to Quality is deeply ingrained. Our deliberate emphasis centers on cultivating risk-based thinking, preemptive planning, and the astute identification of relevant matters. We conscientiously aim to meet the needs of all stakeholders within our operational sphere while ensuring a continuous enhancement of our Quality Management System, 

In my capacity as the Chief Executive, I enthusiastically bear the responsibility for the effective orchestration of our QMS. Yet, I stress that every member of our team, including external partners, is invited to conscientiously embrace this accessible policy. As we aspire, guided by a prudent perspective, to establish an unequivocal global leadership presence within our area of specialty.


Over the course of time, C. Light Multiple Services Ltd has garnered notable distinction through its robust engagements in Engineering, Fabrication, Operations, and Maintenance of Oil and Gas Facilities, along with Marine and Offshore Services, Training, and Manpower Consultancy. Fostering secure and healthful work conditions that preempt work-related ailments and injuries, while simultaneously safeguarding the environment to prevent pollution and ensure the sustainable stewardship of natural resources, has evolved into an enduring operational hallmark across all dimensions of our organization.

In steadfast adherence to our unwavering dedication to comply with pertinent obligations, legal statutes, and other requisites, we assert an unyielding commitment. Building upon the aforementioned, we solemnly affirm:

  1. Hierarchical HSE Risk Control: The management of HSE risks shall follow a structured hierarchy, with professionalism in our operations.

  2. Empowered Participation: Workers, and where applicable, their representatives, will actively engage in HSE implementation.

  3. Framework of Excellence: Our HSE management system will find its foundation by conscientious objectives that motivates continuous improvement and increase HSE performance.

  4. Sustained Competence: HSE competence shall be diligently upheld at every aspect of our organization through both formal and informal means of learning new skills.

As we navigate the future, these principles serves as our watch world, ensuring that we remain  focused on environmental, safety and excellence in every step we take.